Welcome to the practice of Orthopaedic Surgeon Prof Jegan Krishnan

Jegan Krishnan is one of the foremost Orthopaedic Surgeons in the Asia Pacific region.

With an eye for detail, a focus on patient care and a wealth of experience, Professor Krishnan has built a global reputation as a consummate professional who is devoted to his patients and his craft.

We have a ‘no gap’ philosophy

Prof Jegan Krishnan’s no gap philosophy makes joint replacements affordable for all. With private health insurance, you will not be out of pocket for your joint replacement. This means we will accept your full rebate as payment for your joint replacement.

Private Insured


Bulk billed with no gap.


As per scheduled rates. Kindly check your policy for any excesses. Anaesthetist and assistant may be subject to gap payment.

Private Uninsured


Bulk billed with no gap.


Competitive quotes will be organised.

What to expect

First Consultation

During the first consultation a detailed history, full examination and investigations will be reviewed and organised to assist in the process of determining the diagnosis and any appropriate management for the condition presented.

The patient will be greeted at the front desk and then directed to a room where the consultation will proceed. Appropriate investigations will then be organised for the patient and a further follow up will be scheduled to discuss a further management plan.

For major surgical patients, there will also be a pre-admission assessment by Nursing Staff to facilitate documentation of any existing medical conditions and also give patients further information regarding the hospital requirements before the date of surgery.

Before Surgery

If surgery is required, prior to surgery the procedure will be discussed with the patient using visual adjuncts such as models and diagrams to go through a detailed explanation of the procedure and, where appropriate, information regarding the procedure will be given to the patient.

The patient will then be given the option of going away to consider the surgery as an option or, if not, booked in for surgery. This would involve obtaining informed consent, and then following this, admission documents will need to be completed. The patient will be assisted by Reception Staff to complete the documents and admission process, and a date at the mutual convenience of the patient will be organised in a timely manner.

Post Operative

Following surgery, patients will be given a predetermined follow up appointment date. Physiotherapy and/or Occupational Therapy will be organised for the patient at an appropriate time.

The patients will have the choice of either going to a recommended therapist or a therapist of their choice. Initially there will be a review within the first 2 weeks for a wound inspection and check, and then this is followed up generally by a 6 week review. Arthroplasty will require longer term reviews.

Our Team

Prof Jegan Krishnan is supported by an experienced team of administration professionals who will help make the process of your impending operation, just that little bit easier.


Executive Assistant to Prof Jegan Krishnan


Practice Manager


Personal Assistant