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Knee Arthroscopy and Reconstruction of the Knee

The most common conditions affecting the knee are damages to the cartilage and the ligaments around the knee joint.

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure which involves placing a camera in the knee joint and then, two incisions are placed around the knee – one small incision approximately 5-6mm is used to place the camera and the other incision is to pass instruments to clean up the damage within the joint. The most common reconstructive operation is the ligament reconstruction for damage to the anterior cruciate ligament.

This is a commonly injured ligament in sporting activities. The procedure involves reconstruction of the damaged ligament using the hamstring ligaments to compensate for the lost and damaged ligament.

This procedure is mainly performed in patients who have severe disability as a result of arthritic process which damages the knee joint and increases pain and reduces mobility. The knee replacement is a very successful procedure for relieving pain and restoring mobility and function for patients. I have been performing knee surgery for over 20 years and also have been involved in training other Surgeons to do this procedure within South Australia and also internationally in India and China. Surgeons have also visited from European centres for training in this procedure.

As far as arthroplasty of the knee is concerned, I utilise a computerised navigation system which allows more accurate placement of implants and also allows the ability to reproduce excellent results.

Total Hip Replacement

Hip arthroplasty (hip replacement) is a very successful procedure for patients with arthritic damage to their hip joint. The procedure is very successful for relieving pain and increasing mobility and return to function.

I have trained Surgeons in this procedure and have Surgeons visiting for training in this procedure.

I have also developed some expertise in the area of direct anterior approach to the hip. The most important thing about the surgical approach to the hip is to tailor the approach to match the patient’s requirements.

Shoulder Arthroscopic and Reconstructive Surgery

Shoulder arthroscopy is a common procedure used to address problems affecting the shoulder and in particular the rotator cuff tendons and bursitis of the shoulder. The arthroscopic procedure is a reasonable successful procedure for relieving pain due to bursitis and also through this procedure, repairing the rotator cuff tendon that is torn can also assist in alleviating pain and restoring function of the shoulder.

Shoulder arthroplasty is a very successful procedure for relieving pain and restoring function for patients who have arthritis affecting this shoulder. The procedure has a reasonably high success rate for pain relief and also improving function. I have performed these procedures for over 20 years and also have been involved in training other surgeons for this procedure.


There are numerous conditions that affect the hands, the most common of these being carpal tunnel syndrome and a carpal tunnel release can be performed to diminish the symptoms of pain and sensory changes in the hand. There are also other arthritic conditions that affect the small joints of the hand, of the fingers and thumb and replacing these joints does improve patient’s function and reduce pain.

Prof Jegan Krishnan has been performing hand surgery for over 20 years. For detail regarding hand surgery contact your GP for a referral.